Gabriela Mclain is a world-class personal trainer and lifestyle coach with over 20 years of experience transforming lives. She specializes in helping people get “warrior” bodies. This is helping people get in the best shape of their lives through proper training and nutrition.

Recently Gabriela was hired by Sony Studios to train the entire cast of the hit movie, “The Woman King”. She was the lead trainer and nutritionist for the production. She physically trained and prepared a nutrition plan for each actor for an 8 month period, before and during filming, so they could have the endurance, nutrition, and physicality to take on their demanding roles as women warrior leaders for this groundbreaking movie empowering women. Some of these actors include Viola Davis, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim, Adrienne Warren, Shaina West, Masali Baduza and more.

Gabriela also offers her experience and knowledge through her fitness website to others looking to reach their personal fitness goals through mindset conditioning, nutrition planning, and fitness training. She can apply the same physical training and nutrition plans she used for the actors in The Woman King and help other people apply those strategies to transform their lives and get their own warrior bodies. She offers this program for anyone who wants to get into great shape and make their personal fitness a priority to live a healthier life.


Growing up as an athlete, Gabi valued physical fitness and fell in love with dancing. This led to her professional dancing career and performing on TV shows and music videos for some of Europe’s biggest stars. Her passion for dance, martial arts, and fitness inspired her to co-create a cardio style workout called Taerobic. This became a very successful and popular workout in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Gabi was soon discovered by Niki Harris, a back-up singer for Madonna, which brought her to America.

Unfortunately, a few years later, Gabi sustained a major hip injury which forced her to re-evaluate her dancing career. One of Gabi’s main strengths is resilience. She was not going to let this injury defeat her. In her eagerness and determination, Gabi became a certified personal trainer, which inspired her to rebuild herself, and gave her the foresight to eventually help others with similar injuries.

Gabi continued to work for several years as a successful trainer, working in a private gym and training an array of personal clients in the entertainment field.

She eventually got married, and after her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disorder. Once again this health struggle gave her the determination to knock down all obstacles, and with due diligence, she developed her own unique fitness program called GFit System. This system specializes in anti-inflammatory nutrition, fitness routines for injured bodies, agility training, and at home workouts. As Gabi's clientele grew, she was able to incorporate these elements into what was to become Gabi's Fit Club. Empowering women and men from all walks of life to go beyond their limits, and become the ultimate versions of themselves.

Gabi believes that these life experiences helped her become the trainer she is today. With her outgoing, welcoming, and encouraging personality, to name a few, Gabriela Mclain is a person you want in your life to help take you to the next level. Welcome to the Club.