Here's What A Week Of Workouts Looks Like For Viola Davis

ICYMI, Viola Davis is crazy fit. The 55-year-old actress has the kind of arms that are so strong and sculpted, you wish you could Mrs. Potato-head them right on to your own body. But sadly, that's not possible.

But...lucky for you, Women's Health caught up with Viola Davis' trainer for the past two years, Gabriela Mclain, who shared one of Viola's weekly workout plans with us. Read More

Viola Davis shares workout photo after shedding 'Ma Rainey' weight

The 55-year-old actress shared a look at one of her recent workouts with trainer Gabriela Mclain that she said helped get her “back in shape after gaining weight to play” the title character in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.

For the film, streaming now on Netflix, the Academy Award winner said she gained as much weight “as I could” to look like Rainey, “but [the blues singer] was really big, close to 300 pounds. I got close to 200” with the rest a padded suit, created by costume designer, Ann Roth modeled after the late Aretha Franklin’s measurements.

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Viola Davis Gave a Glimpse Into Her Training Routine, and Damn, She's Doing the Work

Viola Davis is fully committed to getting into fighting shape for her next project. The 55-year-old actress recently shared a few photos from her training for Woman King, her upcoming movie with Lupita Nyong'o in which she plays Nanisca, a general of the Amazons, a women military unit. The role requires Davis to train hard, and she's recruited the help of trainer Gabriela Mclain to reach her goals.

Davis and Mclain have been working together for over two years now. Mclain told POPSUGAR she trains Davis three times a week, focusing mostly on full-body exercises. "Mondays, we usually do a cardio kickboxing-style workout. Focusing on her punches and kicks," Mclain said. "Wednesdays, we work on strength, heavy weights, medicine balls, lots of legs, upper body, and always core." On Fridays, the duo uses resistance bands, ankle weights, and more kicks to "build strong and fast legs." In between sessions, Davis does cardio on her Peloton bike.

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